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      My passion and dedication to serving animals in need emerged after experiencing the loss of a beloved pet, my best friend from childhood. In my 13 years of experience working in the veterinary field, I have experienced and acknowledged the strong bond between humans and animals.


I believe that it is my purpose to extend my talent, skills, and knowledge to be the voice and advocate for helpless animals and in which all deserve a loving home. 

Jasmine Guerrero, Founder and CEO of Righteous Care Rescue, Inc.


Hi! My name is Mackenzie Johnston. I am currently in my 2nd year of veterinary school at St. George's University. I have been working in the veterinary field for the past 9 years and have done everything from kennel assistant to surgery. I love working with all animals, but I plan to focus on small animal medicine when I graduate.


Dogs and cats bring us so much joy and I find so much satisfaction and peace in being able to give a little bit of that back to them. I am proud to be working with Righteous Care Rescue to do just that. 

Mackenzie Johnston, Board Member of Righteous Care Rescue, Inc. 

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